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Endoscope Accessories

    Endoscopic surgery usually gets endoscope through body's normal or manual created channels at or near the lesions in vivo, under the direct vision of endoscope, or X-ray or B ultrasonic assist, use related products make diagnosis and treatment in human body, in order to achieve a purpose of clear diagnosis, cure disease or relieve symptoms.


    It divides into non-invasive (directly insert endoscope and inspect the cavity communicate with outside, like digestive, respiratory, urinary tract, etc.) and traumatic (insert endoscope via incision and inspect the closed body cavity, like chest, abdominal, articular, etc.)


    Endoscopic surgery is different from traditional surgery, it can effectively solve difficult problem in conservative treatment, simplify some complicated treatment and instead of some surgery. It could diagnosis and meanwhile proceed treatment. The wound is small, patient recovery quick, the procedure is visual, reduce surgical risk, and it can accompany miniature surgical instruments.


    Endoscope basic tool include: endoscope system, equipment and instruments. Our endoscope accessories mainly include non-vascular stents, treatment diagnosis and ERCP products.