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Endoscopy system M’750-II Endoscopy Training Simulation System 168


•Multidisciplinary training (general surgery, gynecology, urology, otolaryngoloo.....)

•Real endoscope, surgical instrument

•Can do endoscope hold training

•Can carry on the main knife and the endoscope assistant cooperation training

•Real - time training in the teaching cavity and training operators operating images, image collection

•The function of drawing in the picture, can switch between each other, the function of picture editing and marking

•Generate report card on site,support report card printing, mobile workstation structure design

•The integrated endoscopic light source camera system can be used for animal experiments

•To place all kinds of real teaching materials in pull-out mode, so as to facilitate the replacement of materials of different subjects (patents)

•An external camera records the entire training process

•9 hole design, suitable for various surgical training operations (patent)